Data Growth

Location: on the Dashboard landing page.
Access path: Dashboard tab on the menu bar.

This pane presents a graph of the change in aggregate stored data over time. Storage volume is expressed in terabytes (TB).

Data in Continuity Storage, i.e., server snapshots, is represented by a yellow line. Data in Long Term Storage, i.e., data in the Archived type servers, is represented by a blue line. Data in NetApp Storage is represented by a green line. File Level Backup data is represented by a violet line. Not every client will have all types of storage.

Data Growth pane on Dashboard

Available operations:

  • Filter the data by selecting a different time period in the time drop-down list box.
  • Zoom in on a time period by double clicking and dragging the mouse pointer horizontally across part of the graph. You can reset the zoom by clicking the control in the upper right corner of the graph.
  • Open the Storage Utilization page by clicking the Full Report text.

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