(Dashboard) Latest Alerts

Location: on the Dashboard landing page.
Access path: Dashboard tab on the menu bar.

An alert is a message initiated automatically in response to a pre-defined condition. Client type alerts are initiated for certain conditions specific to an individual server or storage and monitored by Recovery Console. Some of the client alerts are defined by the client on the Server Details Alerts Tab.

This pane presents the 10 most recent alerts for your account. Alert status is indicated by a colored circle: red is open, a resolved issue has no status.
Alerts remain open until they are manually flagged as resolved on the Monitoring > Alerts (List) page.

Latest Alerts pane on Dashboard

Available operations:

  • Open a tooltip showing the object name and condition by holding the mouse pointer over an alert’s description.
  • Drill-down to the alert’s details by clicking on its description. This opens the Alert Details page from which you can drill-down to the Server Details page which has the client-defined alert conditions.
  • Navigate to the Alerts pane on the Monitoring menu by clicking the Go to Alerts… text.

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