DR/Backup Storage Details Snapshots

Location: on the DR/Backup Storage Details page. This pane is on the same page as the Overview tab and the Servers tab.
Access path: Storage tab on the menu bar, drill-down to individual DR/Backup storage, initial tab is Overview.

These are the retained snapshots for storage. Typically a storage of this type is defined to have no more than seven days’ worth of snapshots.

Available operations:

  • Scroll backward and forward through the snapshot history with the navigation controls in the footer (only available when there are more than 10 snapshots).
  • Test activation by clicking the Mount button. It mounts the snapshot as a volume and activates it, so all the shares are automatically exposed to the volume. Then you can access the files with Windows Explorer to read or write, but all changes to the files are discarded when you are done. You can access the files with the address a.b.c.dsharename where a.b.c.d is the vStorage IP address.
  • Click the ▼ icon to toggle the sequence of the snapshots between reverse chronological order and ascending chronological order. The latter is reflected by the ▲ icon.