Data Recovery

You can access files stored in any snapshot without having to activate the corresponding recovery server.

Data recovery can be done by using different methods. The availability of each method depends on whether you recover the data from a snapshot of a server or a NetApp storage and on whether snapshots are taken by Acronis or by FalconStor. The following table summarizes the data recovery methods and their availability:

Activate As iSCSI Storage Activate As CIFS Share File Browser
Acronis +
FalconStor + +
NetApp +*

* The operation is called Mount instead.

The first two methods involve (1) selecting the server, (2) selecting the snapshot, (3) activating the snapshot, and (4) copying files from the snapshot to the desired location. A server is selected on the Servers page. A snapshot is selected and activated on the Snapshots pane.

Data recovery by using File Browser involves (1) selecting the server, (2) selecting the timestamp (point in time), (3) browsing to the required file or folder, and (4) copying the selected file or folder to a network share. A server is selected on the Servers page. A timestamp is selected on the File Browser tab.

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