Testing zones are defined as groups of contiguous states in addition to a combination of Alaska, Hawaii, and other countries; eight zones have been defined. Remote Recovery servers are automatically assigned to a testing zone based on the geographical location of the client’s LCA. The testing zones are intended to distribute the demands of activation testing so that the Acronis Disaster Recovery Services can be available to all clients who need them during an actual emergency or disaster event.

Clients may test the activation of their Recovery Servers, one or two at a time, and at a time specified by the servers’ testing zone. There is a rotating calendar of testing windows by zone: Zone 1 servers may be tested in week one, zone 2 servers in week two, etc. Test activations are limited to seven days. Thus a client can test during one week every 8 weeks.

Clients may declare a real disaster at any time (regardless of the zone’s testing schedule), doing so allows them to activate one or more Recovery Servers on their production VLAN. This activity may be billable depending on their contract.

Acronis Support may declare a disaster event for states facing an imminent and predictable disaster situation. When a disaster event is declared, all activations for clients’ servers residing in affected states are unrestricted for the duration of the disaster event. All client test activations from states unaffected during the event are suspended.

When your account has declared a disaster event, or Acronis has declared a global disaster event, a yellow notification banner is displayed at the top of Recovery Console.