Cloud Hub Management

Location: on the Administration > Cloud Hub Management page.
Access path: Admin link on the page header, click Cloud Hub Management in the Cloud Hubs group.
Access role: “admin.”

The Acronis Local Cloud Hub Manager is a virtual machine that runs on the LCA. You use it to create File Archived type storage.

You may install a Local Cloud Hub Manager in your own virtual environment. Instructions for this are on Recovery Console at The last step uses the “Authorize Acronis Cloud Hub” dialog box to configure the new cloud hub. Navigation to these components is described in the Operation section below.

Available operations:

  • Click the Add Cloud Hub button to open the “Add Cloud Hub” dialog box.
  • Click the Download button to open or save the cloud hub install program.
  • Click the Configuration Instructions button to open the instructions for installing a cloud hub. The instructions open as a Recovery Console page.
  • In the list of Authorized Cloud Hubs click a Cloud Hub Id or Name to open the “Authorize Acronis Cloud Hub” dialog box which can be used to reconfigure it.

Available operations:

  • Paste the cloud hub ID returned by the install script into the text box, enter your account name, then click the Add Cloud Hub button to add this cloud hub to the Authorized Acronis Cloud Hubs list.
  • Should you not want to complete this step, click the Close button to close the dialog box without adding a cloud hub.

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