Latest Events

Location: on the Dashboard page.
Access path: Dashboard tab on the menu bar.

This pane presents the 10 latest events for your account/user id: users with the “admin” access role can see all the events for their account, users with the “user” access role can only see their own events. Recovery Console tracks all events and provides a tool for their viewing. Typical events include:

  • Logging in to Recovery Console
  • Logging out of Recovery Console
  • Changing a snapshot retention policy
  • Starting a server
  • Stopping a server

There are no events that should cause client action. This information is provided to support compliance and to provide accountability.

Available operations:

  • Drill-down to the event’s details by clicking on its description. This opens the Event Details page.
  • Navigate to the Events pane on the Monitoring menu by clicking the Go to Events… text.

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