Remote Cloud Connectivity

Location: on the Dashboard page.
Access path: Dashboard tab on the menu bar.

This pane presents the status of VPN data transfer traffic (bandwidth utilization) into and out of a remote cloud location (data center) over time in graph form. Data received in the remote cloud is represented by a colored line labeled as Rx, while data sent is represented by a colored line labeled as Tx. Data received is data copied from the client’s servers as snapshots—replication traffic from the LCA to the remote cloud. Data sent from the remote cloud to the LCA is usually data deduplication comparison. Spikes in data transfer indicate replication.

Note that data transfer traffic is only measured for VPN connections, it is not monitored for the MPLS connections.

Available operations:

  • Filter the data by selecting one of the following:
    • a different location in the location drop-down list box.
    • a different time period in the time drop-down list box.
  • Open a tooltip showing the date, time, and transfer rate for a particular point on a data transfer line by holding the mouse pointer over it.
  • Zoom in on a time period by double-clicking and dragging the mouse pointer horizontally across part of the graph. You can reset the zoom by clicking the Reset zoom text in the upper right corner of the graph.
  • Drag this pane to a different location on the page. However, that location is not remembered if you leave the page and return later.

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