Server Details VMRC Tab

Location: on the Server Details page.
Access path: Servers tab on the menu bar, drill-down to single primary or continuity server in the servers list, click the VMRC tab. A plug-in from VMware is required to use the VMRC.

VMRC is an abbreviation for VMware Remote Console.

This pane gives you a window into the virtual machine’s remote console. The ability to logon to the virtual server is the basis for certifying it. Post certification, access to a server via your network connection to the remote cloud can be helpful. VMRC is a convenient alternative to using RDP to access the server over a VPN.

Access to the console is in two steps, beginning with initializing the API and ending with logon to Windows Server, as illustrated in the following image. You log on to the server with your own credentials (managed by your Active Directory).