Server Retention Policy Dialog Box

Location: on the Server Details page.
Access path: Servers tab on the menu bar, drill-down to a single server in the servers list to open the Server Details page, in the Snapshot pane click the Retention button.
Access role: While the Retention button can be clicked by a client, it does not allow them to change the settings. Only Acronis engineers (“super”) can change the settings.

This box is used to assign a pre-defined retention policy to a server for the first time, to change it thereafter, or to disable it. Retention policies are defined on the Administration > Retention Policy page. When a retention policy is assigned, changed, or disabled, it applies to all existing snapshots.

The type choices are associated with the client’s entitlements.

Available operations:

  • Close the dialog box without changing any values by clicking Cancel.
  • Open the Administration > Retention Policies page by clicking the Retention Policies setup text.
  • Create a support ticket to request a change in retention policy.

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