Add File Archived Storage Dialog Box

Location: on the Storage landing page.
Access path: in the Storages pane, click the Add File Archived Storage button.

Use this dialog box to create a storage for backing up files from a CIFS share. Specify the name and the cloud location for the storage, the Local Cloud Hub that will perform backups, the source share address, and the data retention policy. In addition to backups, which can be regularly scheduled or initiated manually, you can set up periodic restores to a different CIFS share.

Backup tab

The Backup tab contains the following fields:

Field Description
Location The city where the remote cloud is located.
Cloud Hub The name of the instance in your LCA.
Throttle The network bandwidth utilization. 0 means full bandwidth, otherwise enter the number of Mbps.
Storage name The name for the storage.
WORM Compliant WORM means Write once read many. If this checkbox is selected, no one can delete individual files from the storage or the entire storage. Also, retention rules can be changed only to the less strict ones.
Schedule Enabled Select to schedule backups. This will open fields Repeat and Time.
Repeat Frequency with which backups are to occur. If the value is Weekly, the field Backup Day appears.
Backup Day Day of the week to run backups.
Time Time when backups will begin.
Protocol “CIFS/SMB” is always selected.
Path Path to the source directory; formatted like “smb://ip address/path”.
Domain, Login, and Password Credentials for the source directory.
Add Exclusion Click to specify paths to files that should be excluded from the backups. You can use one or more wildcard characters * and ?.

Retention Policy tab

The Retention Policy tab enables you to set a retention policy for your backups. The following policies are available:

  • Age Based: Specify an age restriction, that is, how long backups will be kept.
  • Version Based: Specify the number of versions to be kept.
  • Age and Version Based: A combination of the Age Based and Version Based policies.
  • Tiered: Specify a common age restriction for all backups and an individual number of versions for daily, weekly, and monthly backups.

Restore tab

The Restore tab contains the following fields:

Field Description
Schedule Enabled Select to enable the periodic restore to an alternative CIFS share.
Repeat Frequency of the restore operations.
Hourly Time when the restore operations will begin.
Cloud Hub Name of the Cloud Hub used for the restore.
Path Path to the target directory.
Domain, Login, and Password Credentials for the target directory.

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