DR/Backup Storage Details Overview Tab

Location: on the DR/Backup Storage Details page.
Access path: Storage tab on the menu bar, drill-down to individual DR/Backup storage.

Available operations:

  • Click the Request Failback button to request the failback service by Acronis Client Services. They will work with you to restore data and redirect replication back to the DR/Backup storage.
  • Click the Cancel Failback button to cancel the previous failback request. This button is only presented after the Request Failback button has been clicked.
  • Acronis Client Services click the Lock button to prevent you from activating either server or storage while failback is in progress.
  • Respond to an actual DR event by clicking the Promote and Mount button. This breaks the snapmirror process and the volume will become the primary volume. Changes that are made to the volume’s data will not be discarded (as they are at the end of the Mount action), they will be permanent.
  • Set/change the RPO value by clicking the pencil icon which opens the “Server Settings” dialog box.

Checking “Check RPO Health” causes the storage to be included in the RPO pane on the Dashboard.

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