Primary Storage Details Backups Tab

Location: on the Primary Storage Details page.
Access path: Storage tab on the menu bar, drill-down to individual primary storage, click the Backups tab.

Storage can be protected using snapshot technology as can active virtual machines. These are not backups in the traditional sense, but recovery points to which storage may be recovered in the case of data corruption or loss. Caution: restoring a backup image will overwrite the previous image.

The snapshots are saved on the same storage. As the number of backups increases, so will the volume utilization.

In the example above, there is a daily backup scheduled for midnight.

Available operations:

  • Change the backup schedule by selecting a different day in the drop-down list box and/or a different time in that drop-down list box. Then click the Change Scheduled Backups button.
  • Stop the scheduled backups by clicking the Stop Scheduled Backups button. This will reset the status text to: “There are no scheduled backups.”
  • When there are no scheduled backups, you can start them by clicking the Add Scheduled Backups button. Then you set the backup schedule in the same way as if you were changing it, as described above.
  • Start an immediate backup by clicking the Backup Now button.
  • Restore the data from a backup snapshot on the Previous Backups pane.

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